Life-changing travel: Machu Picchu
Visitors to Peru’s Machu Picchu come away awed by the experience

Can travel change your life? Those who are passionate about globetrotting would answer that question with a resounding yes.

How Travel Shapes Your Life

Four in five people believe travel improves their general mood and outlook toward life, according to a study by the Transamerica Center for Retirement. And more than half the people in a survey by the Wagner Group said that travel where people felt they learned something new was transformative.

How VAST Creates Life-Changing Travel

For 15 years, a Virtuoso program has helped bring memorable experiences to travelers. Participants in the Virtuoso Active and Specialty Travel program (better known as VAST) create once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list experiences such as cycling in Provence, spotting the Big 5 on an African safari and taking cooking classes in Thailand. VAST unites companies that offer these kinds of active and specialty experiences with advisors who specialize in this style of travel.

life-changing travel: skiiing in the alps
Skiing the world-famous Alps is the sort of adventure that can change lives

Consider just a few possibilities from VAST participants for life-changing travel:

6 Personal Stories

VAST’s 500 advisors and 41 partners practice what they preach. They’ve traveled the world for ways to engage physically and emotionally with the distinctive nature, culture and geography of a destination. Click here to discover 6 stories from VAST advisors and suppliers about their own life-changing travel.


Booking Your Own Life-Changing Travel

If you’re looking for your own life-changing travel experience, you can find a VAST advisor to make it a reality at They’ll consult with you to design a trip that has meaning for you. You’ll come home transformed.

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  1. Travel can really change a person’s perspective. Probably the days of being away from everything while being exposed to a different way of living opens a person’s mind to other possibilities that they can have in life. Thanks for sharing these inspiring stories. It gives everyone hope that there is something new in every corner if you just know where to look.

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