Travel Dreams Slideshow
Click on the image above to view the top selections in this year’s Virtuoso Life Travel Dreams Survey

Where are upscale travelers heading these days? Which destinations are hot for specific types of travel? And if travelers could go anywhere or do anything, what would that dream trip look like?

The answers to those questions and more are in the newly released eighth annual Virtuoso Life Travel Dreams Survey. Nearly 9,000 clients of Virtuoso travel advisors took the survey, highlighting the latest trends in luxury travel.

Australia continued its reign as the top dream destination, while perennial favorite Paris finished first in three categories. Cruising also continued to rank high, with European river sailings besting other itineraries and a round-the-world cruise topping the trips of a lifetime. This mirrors what Virtuoso sees in traveler demand, with 2015 world cruises nearly sold out already.

The top Travel Dreams are:

  • Trip of a Lifetime: Taking a world cruise
  • Dream Destination: Australia
  • Dream Island: Hawaii
  • Foodie Favorite: Paris
  • City To Explore: Paris
  • Cruise Destination: European river/canal
  • Romantic Destination: Paris in April
  • Family Destination: Hawaiian Islands
Travel Dreams: Paris
Paris was the top pick of luxury travelers as best foodie destination, romantic destination and city to explore

Click here to see a slideshow of the top five choices in each category.

The Travel Dreams Survey also identified five travel personalities. Which one are you?

The Go-Getter (24% of respondents)

  • Go-Getters are active, adventurous and want to see and do it all on their vacations.
  • Dream vacations: Traveling the Trans-Siberian Railway, cruising the Amazon, zip-lining with the kids in Costa Rica and biking with the family through Tuscany.

The Connoisseur (21%)

  • The Connoisseur likes the best of everything, and indulges interests and passions while traveling.
  • Dream vacations: Exploring Saint Petersburg, French wine-country cruises, taking the kids to the Swiss Alps in the summer, family pasta-making lessons in Italy and dinner dates in Paris’ five-star restaurants.

The Classic Traveler (20%)

  • Classic Travelers are loyal to the places they love and will return multiple times to their favorite destinations.
  • Travel Dreams: Orient Express
    A travel dream for Classic Travelers: riding the Orient Express

    Dream vacations: Taking over a French villa with their family, going on a world cruise or riding the Orient Express.

The Relaxationist (18%)

  • The Relaxationist travels to get away from it all to restore and rejuvenate.
  • Dream vacations: Lounging on a beach in Tahiti, staying in a Paris apartment and relaxing in the Maldives or the French Riviera.

The Trendsetter (17%)

  • The Trendsetter is all about what’s new and next and is an early adopter of emerging destinations.
  • Dream vacations: going on safari in Namibia, heading to space with Virgin Galactic, river cruising in Myanmar and wine tasting in Chile.

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