After a few busy years solidifying its reputation as one of luxury cruising’s leaders – a yacht, new river ships, and a renovated ocean liner – Crystal Cruises aimed a bit higher (literally) with its next opulent offering. The company debuted its new private charter jet, Crystal Skye, to the media earlier this week during an official handover ceremony in Seattle. It’s the world’s largest privately owned tour jet, and the Virtuoso Life editorial team joined Crystal CEO Edie Rodriguez for a sneak-preview tour.

The Boeing 777-200LR can typically fit around 300 passengers, but Crystal retrofitted its jet to seat only 88 – in a very comfortable manner. Ergonomic seats lie fully flat, plush carpeting covers the extra-wide aisles, and every seat has a 24-inch monitor with live TV – plus unlimited WiFi and phone calls. The front of the jet’s dining and lounge area seats 30; it’s a bright space with sleek, white-lacquer gathering tables and a gorgeous, fully stocked bar. We almost forgot we were on an airplane for a second.

A full bar– mixologist included – onboard the Crystal Skye. (Photo: Amy Cassell)

Crystal Skye can fly for up to 18 hours nonstop. Imagine jetting off to Paris with your closest friends, a Michelin-starred meal, a bottle (or two) of vintage Bordeaux from the back-galley wine cellar, followed by turn-down service at your seat. (The crew can kick up the wow factor as high as you want it, from monogrammed bathrobes to custom menus.)

“Crystal Cruises has put its infamous touch on the way people fly, making not just the destination the reward, but the journey too,” says Beth Butzlaff, Virtuoso’s vice president of cruise. “With a personal chef, a sommelier, and a mixologist, Skye is an experience that could only be described as first-class.”


The Skye’s ergonomic, lie-flat seats. (Photo: Amy Cassell)

Crystal Skye is currently available for private charter. If you’re headed to Virtuoso Week in Las Vegas, keep your eyes peeled at McCarren International Airport: The Skye jets to Vegas next for a christening ceremony on August 12.

Top Image: GreenPoint Technologies LLC