Affluent travelers are increasingly relying on the web for vacation planningWhere do affluent travelers go when they’re thinking about their next vacation? To the internet, of course!

A new study by Google and Ipsos MediaCT finds travelers are increasingly relying on internet research, including online reviews, to plan trips. People with household incomes of $250,000 or more were asked how they use technology for travel purposes. They go online for:

  • Research: 70% said that they start researching online before they decide where or how they want to travel.
  • Inspiration: 64% go to the internet for ideas – the same percentage that seeks insights from family friends or colleagues. Of those surveyed, 76% said the internet was extremely or very important as a source of travel inspiration, and 72% cited travel agents.
  • Planning: a dominant 87% go to the internet – the top source of information.

What do affluent travelers do online?

These are the most popular online activities among affluent travelers:

  • 80% researched an upcoming trip
  • 67% read reviews from other travelers
  • 55% brainstormed or started thinking about a trip
  • 41% requested more information related to an upcoming trip
  • 35% read a travel-related blog
  • 30% watched travel videos

Affluent travelers are using devices such as smartphones to access the web for travel planningHow important are devices and videos?

More than half – 55% – of affluent travelers say they access travel information on smartphones or tablets for planning trips. Affluent travelers use various devices for online travel activities:

• 77% research trips on a tablet; 55% on a smartphone

• 64% read reviews on a tablet and 44% on a smartphone

Online travel video usage is also on the rise. Upscale travelers view online video at all stages of the travel process:

  • 60% when thinking about a trip
  • 64% when choosing a destination
  • 67% when looking for ideas at a particular destination
  • 62% when deciding on accommodations

What web resources does Virtuoso provide? The home page at is a great online resource for affluent travelers

You’ve found one of them already – the Virtuoso blog, where travelers can find information on destinations and trends. Here are other Virtuoso sites to help you decide on and plan a vacation that’s right for you.

  • is your one-stop resource. The site allows travelers to search for inspiration, research future trips, read reviews from verified travelers and request a travel advisor to assist with planning.
  • Virtuoso’s YouTube channel houses a variety of travel videos to inspire and educate.
  • Virtuoso’s other social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – promote everything from special offers to destination tips.



  1. Wow. Those are some amazing stats. I just read that in the US that just 3% of the population have incomes of $250,000 or more. Based on 2010 Census, there are approximately 115,000,000 households meaning about 3,450,000.

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