Travel agents: their use is on the rise
The use of travel agents is on the rise

The numbers of travelers entrusting their vacations to an expert professional is on the rise. According to a recent survey from the American Society of Travel Agents, 13% of travelers use travel agents, up from 11% in 2010. And that number may continue to grow: 41% of people who haven’t used an agent in the past year are open to using one in the future.

People who work with travel agents name several benefits:

  • Vacations planned with agents are better than those organized without their help
  • The convenience of having an expert do the work
  • Depending on someone with knowledge of travel suppliers and destinations

Praise for travel agents was solid among their clients no matter what demographic they were from: 59% of millennials, 53% of Generation X and 58% of baby boomers said vacations planned with travel agents were better.

Travel agents: clients say vacations are better
Clients who work with travel agents say their vacations are better

The ASTA study also asked why people don’t use travel agents:

  • 81% like doing their own research
  • 79% enjoy organizing travel
  • 72% feel they can do it better themselves
  • 69% say the best deals are online
  • 57% say they never thought about using an agent

Interestingly, people who work with travel agents travel more than people who don’t: 4.7 trips a year for clients of agents versus 3.6 trips for those who do it themselves.

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For a visual look at the study results, check out the infographic below:

travel agent infographic