Virtuoso’s managing director of global public relations, Misty Belles, appeared on TODAY this month to share secrets of traveling successfully this summer season, collected from Virtuoso travel advisors.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead to secure the best airfares and avoid squeezing in a last-minute trip during August before school starts, as this is the busiest time. In fact, it is not too early to start thinking about summer 2018 travel.

Try This Trick at Great Hotels

Stay in the least expensive room in the best hotel, and enjoy the enhanced service, amenities and overall experience at a better price point.

Allow For Extra Layover Time

Allow a minimum of two hours between connecting flights. This extra layover time may help you make your plane if summer storms wreak havoc on airline schedules.

Know This New Airport Rule

Arrive at the airport a minimum of an hour before boarding, not an hour before departure. This is a newer rule and should be heeded during the busy summer season.

Splurge on This

Splurge on a hotel that is closer to the sights and activities you have planned. It will save you precious time and travel costs.


Use Miles for Upgrades

Book economy seats, but use miles to upgrade to business class.

Get to the Hotel at This Time

Arrive at your hotel at check-in time (usually 3:00 pm). You will have more options available then to change your room than later in the day after more guests have arrived.