italy_cinque_terreWant to know which luxury destinations are big sellers? Or which hot spots are showing the fastest growth among affluent vacationers?  Virtuoso has released its first Consumer Travel Trends Report as a measure of which luxury destinations are attracting upscale travelers.

The report found that European countries dominated the Top 10 Destination list, while some lesser-visited nations showed significant growth on the Virtuoso Hot List.

Top 10 Luxury Destinations

Each country on the list experienced double-digit growth. Mexico and the Netherlands saw the biggest improvement in their share of luxury business, up 30 percent and 29 percent respectively.

1. Italyluxury destinations: Italy

2. United Kingdom

3. France

4. Canada

5. Mexico

6. Spain

7. Germany

8. Bahamas

9. Netherlands

10. Australia

Virtuoso Hot List

The fastest-growing luxury destinations worldwide based on the largest percentage of upscale tourism growth in 2013 are:

1. Malaysia (+ 107%)luxury destinations: malaysia

2. Maldives (+ 91%)

3. Puerto Rico (+ 68%)

4. Belize (+ 51%)

5. Cambodia (+ 45%)

6. Portugal (+ 41%)

7. Tanzania (+ 41%)

8. Croatia (+ 40%)

9. Sweden (+ 34%)

10. Mexico (+ 30%)

luxury destinations: PortugalMost Improved Luxury Destinations

Some luxury estinations with lower 2012 sales numbers rebounded in 2013. Portugal, which struggled as part of the European debt crisis, enjoyed a 34 percent increase in air sales and a 62 percent increase in hotel sales. Spain (air sales up 13 percent, hotel sales up 25 percent), Ireland (air sales up 13 percent, hotel sales up 28 percent), and Greece (hotel sales up 59 percent) also enjoyed significant growth.

Where Are Travelers to Asia Headed?luxury destinations: vietnam

Vietnam was the most booked country, with hotel sales doubling. Cambodia also saw its hotel sales double, plus a seven percent increase in airline sales. Malaysia hotel sales surged more than eight times its 2012 numbers.

Overall Luxury Travel Sales

Virtuoso analyzed hotel, airline, cruise, and tour sales data from member travel agencies to find growth across all categories with an overall increase of 11.25 percent, including a 24 percent increase in luxury hotel sales.

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