active_travel_7What motivates wealthy travelers to make the vacation choices they do?  Each year Virtuoso surveys its luxury travel advisors and compiles their feedback on the hottest travel trends and destinations in the Luxe Report.

The 2014 Virtuoso Luxe Report provides insights into not just where people are going but also how and why they’re traveling:

Why do wealthy travelers go on vacation?

1) Exploring new destinations
2) Rest and relaxation
3) Seeking authentic experiences in new destinations
4) Rediscovering previously visited destinations
5) Personal enrichment

Exploring new destinations was a strong top choice both in 2014 and 2013, and authentic experiences in those destinations was also a major motivator.

What factors do wealthy travelers consider when choosing a vacation?shutterstock_57269698

1) The destination
2) Once‐in‐a‐lifetime experiences
3) Value for money paid
4) The activities available (tie)
5) Price (tie)

The allure of a specific destination was the clear top factor among travelers in 2014, as it also was in 2013.

What are the most influential sources of information for travel decisions?

1) Travel advisor’s advice
2) Word‐of‐mouth from friends or family
3) Travel publications
4) Travel website reviews & recommendations
5) Travel & lifestyle websites

italy_romance_shutterstock_66989449Advice from a trusted person – travel advisor, friend or family member – remains far and away the top source of influence on upscale vacation decisions.

What is the most popular type and length of vacation?

1) International trips, 8 days or longer
2) International trips, 6‐7 days
3) Domestic trips, 6‐7 days
4) Domestic trips, 3‐5 days
5) Weekend getaways to drive‐to destinations

The rise in longer trips to international destinations held steady from 2013 and is the dominant style of travel.

When necessary, where are wealthy travelers willing to compromise?

1) Lowering the room category to stay in a nicer hotel
2) Shortening the trip duration to experience a more exotic destination
3) Selecting a lower cabin category on a luxury cruise line
4) Opting for a nicer cabin on a premium cruise line
5) They do NOT compromise

italy_family_shutterstock_68777848While some clients will make tradeoffs, a significant number do not make any compromises on their vacations.

In what class of service are wealthy travelers flying?

1) Business Class
2) Economy‐Plus or similar
3) Economy Class
4) First Class

While business class is still preferred, Economy Plus continues to gain popularity as more airlines introduce and expand this option.

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