We’re all in the thick of social distancing right now, staying home is how we join the global fight against coronavirus. (Have you run out of good TV shows to watch yet?) There’s something about not knowing when we’ll travel next that has us thinking about past journeys. We’ll be out there again soon, but until then, revisiting these moments reminds us of the big and small ways travel stays with us.

Aerial shot of the Fiji Islands

“I often think of Fiji: The first glimpse of the colors in the water, and the feeling of being so far away from home – but in the best possible way. More than anything, I think of the Fijian people. They are the most loving and kind humans I’ve ever met. The physical beauty of Fiji is everything you think it would be, but the people make it so much more.” – Korena Bolding Sinnett, art director

Canoes on the Zambezi River

“Day two on the Zambezi River’s Mana Pools canoe trail with my dad (bow, second canoe from left) in 2008. The long-planned safari fell on the heels of disputed elections amid one of Mugabe’s violent crackdowns. We almost cancelled, but after consulting with Wilderness Safaris, we went as planned on what was one of the most rewarding adventures yet.”
– Justin Paul, senior editor

Women jumping in the United Arab Emirates.

“This was taken on a 2014 trip to the United Arab Emirates with friends from Virtuoso’s top travel agencies. Departing from Dubai’s gilded Burj al Arab Jumeirah hotel, we climbed into four-wheel buggies for an unforgettable desert safari in the dunes. I love this picture because it’s vibrant, strong, and joyful – just like my girlfriends.” – Elaine Srnka, vice president, content

Travel Memories: Paris

“It was amour at first sight on my trip to Paris in 2011. I’ll never forget drinking wine under the Eiffel Tower with my friend for hours, tearing off pieces of a fresh baguette we had picked up at a nearby boulangerie. I loved the city so much, I ended up enrolling in a graduate program there two years later. (And yes, this photo was taken with a disposable camera.)” – Amy Cassell, manager, digital content

Travel Memories: Green tea in Japan

“My wife and I drank these cups of tea minutes before I proposed to her at a green tea farm in Japan. Happiness sounds like the word ‘yes.’” – Joel Centano, senior editor

Scuba divers near the Red Sea

“Scuba diving the Red Sea in 2018 with a group of veteran divers gave me incredible memories and the self-empowerment that comes with honing a skill. I’m always happiest exploring nature’s beauty.”
– Samantha Faléwee, assistant editor

Seabass ceviche from Roka in Santorini

“Roka’s seabass ceviche on Santorini gets my taste buds tingling every time it crosses my mind (which is often). Don’t worry, Greece. I’ll be back.” – Melanie Fowler, art director

Travel Memories: A playground in Switzereland

“On a perfect blue-sky day during a family trip to Switzerland in 2016, my son and I took a gondola up Mount Pilatus and found this incredible playground. There was a massive wooden castle play structure and, best of all, this slide. It wasn’t a tourist attraction or anything we’d heard about before our trip, but it was a moment we’ll always remember. Looking at this photo reminds me of all the small surprises travel delivers.” – Marika Cain, managing editor

Top Photo: Dook 

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