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What are your travel-wellness tips?

“I travel with probiotics, vitamin C, and zinc to support my immune system. I also recommend bringing walking shoes to get outdoors upon arrival. Fresh air and sunshine are great ways to stave off jet lag.”
– Melissa McKinley

“Pack things that bring you wellness at home, whether it’s a healthy snack, special pillow, or inspirational book or journal. I bring almonds for protein, apples for fiber, and bananas because they’re rich in potassium and magnesium, two minerals that help prevent cramping and have natural muscle relaxants that can promote peaceful sleep.” – Barbara Nichuals

“In hot climates, I drop a Nuun tablet in water with my breakfast to stay hydrated. And avoid alcohol, especially in warm weather and high altitudes, as it will dehydrate you more quickly.” – Ajay Karah

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